Kids Vehicles: Dora Ice Cream Truck! Counting Game App Reviews

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Dont waste your money.


I downloaded this app for 2 dollars and it doesnt even work on iPad Pro! Please fix this! I will rate this app 5 stars if you do!

App amazing me!!! Thanks

best games Ive ever played. help me relieve the stress of the job. The game made me curious, and passionate game.

Great app

Ive been playing this game for hours and its enjoyable. The graphics are good and simple. I really like this game. Thank you developer for a good app. I will introduce this app to my friends.

Lets have fun with this game!!!

Yeah I absolutely love this game, its really cool and suitable for my kids. They can drive an ice cream truck then sell ice cream to customers or make cupcakes. Everything is so lovely and cute. The 3D graphics and realistic voices make it more fantastic. Im very satisfied and i will introduce it to my friends!!!


Apps makes me feel happier when playing it, lets go download and enjoy friends, thank you very much. Good app.

Amazingly Yummy

My daughter favorite game, fun and yummy as per my daughter :). Nice graphic, motion and sound, especially the restaurant trips. Highly recommend to any parent who wants a safe and fun educational app

Super cute & entertaining

My children absolute love this ice cream truck! They play over and over they cant stop playing. The flying truck is really cool

Scream for Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! This app is truly amazing. Alex & Dora lead the charge in this educational app and my kids really enjoy the feel and design of the ice cream truck itself. I cannot imagine a better theme for a kids app than an ice cream :) My two year old son especially loves to play and examine all elements of the ice cream truck. One of this favorages games has to be the one in which you have to use the slingshot and serve the ice cream to customers!

Sweet App!

This is a really sweet app! My 3 year-old daughter likes it a lot. COLORFUL & FLAVORFUL. She adores making the matching cupcakes and serving ice cream. Worth the purchase.5 stars!


Very limited game. You can shoot ice cream at animals, not very educational. Truck opens and closes doors - now a wow factor. Driving the truck - slow graphics, basically its a camera view with some buttons for horn and if kids walk at a normal speed, the camera becomes all blurry. Both of my 4 year olds did not play for more than 2 min. Waste of money.

Needs a fix

My 2 year old grandson loves this app. However, there is a problem with one of the games. You are to match the customers request for an ice cream flavour BUT no matter which flavour you pick it tells you you are wrong. Very frustrating for him. My daughter bought it for her iphone, and it has the same problem! Disappointing for sure. Please fix.

Fantastic app!

My daughter is really thrilled with this app. It has so many activities to try! I really enjoy watching her laughing as she makes cupcakes with the cute cupcake maker machine! Truly delicious app, literally!


Incredibly cute graphics and really well made all around


Good job on this app! my 2 yr old loves so much! the interface is very child friendly and my kid especially likes the cupcake maker.


What an amazing app! My daughter is crazy about ice cream truck and this app gives her a very cute one. Very simple to use for her. Also nice design!

Nice education app for kids

I always love 22learns kids education serious. In this app, children can interact with the 3d ice cream truck to learn vocabularies and problem solving skills, cute interface, my little brother loves to play it.

Fun but needs a fix

When I touch the steering wheel it goes to my main screen on my iPod please fix

One of the best app for kids!

My kid loves ice cream. Going to the ice cream truck at the weekly Wed food truck event near our house, is something hes always excited about. I was looking for some app for him which could be both educational and exciting. This app is perfect! Its bright, colorful; teaches numbers and money (in a very subtle fashion). He likes the cupcake machine lever and the ice cream slingshot the most (must confess I play the target game too sometimes when I am in the BART).In all, one of the best apps for kids I have seen in the recent times!!! Update: it has been more than a week and my kid loves it even more!!

I love it

Oh. Very interesting. This is the next game of kid vehicle. This time its about the ice cream. There are also games that make ice cream and charge. Very simple and suitable for children when calculating the numbers and choose how to make ice cream. the interface is very nice. I give 5 stars

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